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About Dr. Johnson
Dr. Jerry Johnson has been practicing Chiropractic medicine for over 32 years. He takes the time to listen to his patients because he feels that is a key component to
improving their health
and lifestyle. His
fundamental approach
to health is to make
adjustments that allow
the body to heal itself.
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Work Related Injuries

work injuries back pain A Work Related Low Back Injury is a mechanical injury, usually the result of bending, lifting, twisting, falling, etc.  If you damage your basic body structure with this type of injury then you need mechanical therapy and a Doctor specializing in mechanical structure to resolve the cause of the problem.

Over forty percent of Chiropractic patients have work related upper back and neck injuries from constant computer use or poor work posture while at a desk.  Dr. Johnson is well versed and experienced in both the treatment of these injuries and the work ergonomics involved that create them.